Marvel and DC Comics Will Stop Shipping New Comics After April 1st. Your Local Shop Needs Your Help!

Diamond Comic Distributors is the distributor for most comic publishers, including Marvel and DC, and they will stop shipments starting April 1st to local comic shops due to COVID-19 concerns. This means comic book shops will no longer receive new comics. Local comic shops are already struggling with the growth of digital comics and subscription services. With the addition of the Coronavirus, the shops are barely getting by. They are doing mailing lists, deliveries, and even sidewalk sales in an attempt to attract quarantine reader’s business.

How we can help. We call our local comic book shops Geek Havens because when we were kids, being a geek was not welcomed. Insulted and bullied in most places. The comic book shop was a safe place to come together with other geeks and talk about the passions we shared. No bullies, just heroes. It is important to return the favor now that they need us. Call your local comic shop and buy a gift card. You can use this gift card once we return to normal. If your store is doing a mail list or sidewalk sales then buy some back catalog. Pick up a comic you kept putting off or something you are unfamiliar with. You could buy some of the other merch from shops, time to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Be a hero, support your local shop!

Source: Diamond Comic Statement

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