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Content all week with a new episode of the podcast, new Stream Chat, and streaming every night! If there is … More

This Week’s Episode

Hey all! This week we dig into new topics like the AMD ransom situation, PUBG and ESL teaming up, Nintendo … More

New Pop Quiz!

This is the first of a three-part series all about The Simpsons!

This Week’s Episode

Hey all! We start by checking out the Echo, the newest champ on Overwatch. afterward, we talk about the movies … More

Next Episode!

Hey all! This is a big one. Bob Iger is stepping down as CEO of Disney making way for Bob … More

New Picard Review!

Here is our review for Episode 6 of Star Trek Picard. Check it out and let us know how you … More

FTO Nerd Talk

This week we had Dee from FTO Nerd Talk on and we discussed the new Batsuit, Marvel Dark Variants, and … More